5 ideeën voor gepersonaliseerde cadeaus

5 ideas for personalized gifts

The time of the year is here again, gift season. A festive period with the much-discussed topic: gifts. Gifts for your loved ones, as a sign of gratitude. The quest to find the perfect gift can sometimes be difficult. But we got you! In fact, we have compiled a list of 5 ideas for personalized gifts for you. Because a personalized gift makes it just that little bit more unique, right?

1. Recipe book

Do you have someone in your family who loves to cook? Or someone who never knows what to cook? Give a homemade recipe book as a gift. Get started creating a recipe book in our tool by adding your own text and images. Let your imagination run wild in terms of dishes. From simple to difficult, meat to veg. You can make it as crazy as you want, but of course add ingredients that the recipient of this unique gift loves.

This brings us to a similar gift, but in a different twist. Namely, how about a DIY cocktail book for those who do enjoy a drink. Share recipes with his or her favorite drinks in this book. You might even benefit from this yourself ;). Cheers!

DIY receptenboek

2. Looking back at the best parties

A look back at the best parties of 2019. That's something we thought about often over the past year. Despite the fact that this year's festivals were canceled, clubs and pubs remained closed for a long time, this did bring back fond memories. A look back to the summer of 2019, during which we visited fun festivals. A day out or when the weekend came around again, the coziest evenings in the village's regular pub. Days and evenings we now long for again. All the more fun when it's all allowed again, right?

So gather all your favorite photos taken at festivals, clubs or other parties and put them in an Instawall. That way you can cherish all those beautiful moments with your friends! Nice for yourself, but especially nice as a gift.

Instawall vrienden

3. Photobook with old photos

A special gift for your grandparents that brings back many memories and stories. Our grandfathers and grandmothers have been through a lot, stories that are inspiring and enlightening for us. Stories and experiences that we can learn from. Because yes, your grandpa or grandma are perhaps the best teachers in our lives. And how do these memories and stories resurface? Through photos of the past. Therefore, create a photo book with scanned photos. A unique gift that rekindles many stories of the past.

Fotoboek oude foto's

4. Favorite photo (print)

A perhaps obvious, but certainly not less beautiful gift: a photo print. Do you know what his or her favorite photo is? Or do you actually have a favorite photo of him or her? Print this photo and surprise the person with it.

Fotovergroting aluminium

5. Motivational words

People who are close to you know you best. And vice versa. We ask each other for advice, motivating words, a helping hand. You are there for each other when you need each other. Print these motivational and inspirational words on a poster so your loved one can have them with them forever. Use the quotes from our tool or go ahead and create your own.

Fotostrip met quotes