5 fotoprojecten voor deze zomer

5 photo projects for this summer

Have you ever started working on a summer photo project? We have listed the 5 most fun photo projects for you.

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Some can be done within a day so go for it; grab your camera, take the best pictures and enter our contest! You can read more at the bottom of this article.

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#1 | Photograph the same place

Same place, different day! Do you have a favorite spot, like the beach or a nearby lake? Photograph it! In our case, the view from the bridge near the office is our favo spot and we have captured it on different days.

Tip: Challenge yourself to go to the same spot at different times and try to discover something new each time.

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#2 | Photograph a theme

Same thing, different place. Do you love old doors, sunsets or other objects? Choose your subject or theme and photograph it in various settings.

Tip: Alternate! Have someone sit or dance on a riser so you have different photos of the same object, but still tell a different story.

#3 | Capture your feet

Turn your own feet into a summer photo project. After all, they get you to your destination, so capture those feet! Take pictures of beautiful tiles, or the beach. If you spend a while doing this, you'll notice that the photo really says a lot about where you've been.

Tip: check out the photos on Instagram from #fromwhereistand or the account @ihavethisthingwithfloors. That way you'll see instant unity in the photos.

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#4 | On the go

Focus on the journey instead of the destination. Create your own on-the-go summer photo project and become aware of the things you see along the way. Stop at a beautiful landscape or a quaint village and take a few snapshots. This will make your trip more fun and create creative pictures. This on-the-go photo project can be done during the trip, but also as a one-day photo project! For example, make a report of the whole day.

Tip: This project is extra fun to do with kids: Read more in our blog 'Photo projects with kids'.

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#5 | Photograph feelings

Think beyond family photos and sunsets. Zoom in & choose feeling. Think of the water in the pool, the sand between your toes, a close-up of tanned skin or that delicious bottle of wine.

Try photographing just a part of someone. By doing so, you not only convey the feeling, you instantly create detail shots, tranquil images, which do particularly well in an Instawall. Details you photograph will blend in with other photos in the Instawall.

Participate & win!

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