5 tips om jouw vakantiefoto’s geordend te bewaren

5 tips to keep your vacation photos organized

Sorting out your vacation photos can be quite a chore, but with these tips you'll fly through it and have your photos organized in no time!

Tip 1 | Don't wait until you get home

Select your photos on-the-go this summer. Scroll through your photos while you're on vacation and delete whatever you can . Ten photos taken at the same time? Be critical and keep only your favorites. A great time to clean up your photos is during the trip, when you have to sit still anyway. This saves a lot of time at the end of your vacation and makes for a tidy phone.

Foto MacBook

Tip 2 | Sharing is caring

Going on vacation with a group? Make use of photo sharing on your iPhone. An easy way to let everyone share photos directly without the quality deteriorating (via whatsapp for example). Read here how to do this exactly. Even with AirDrop, the quality of your photos remains intact.

Sharing is caring vakantiefoto's

Tip 3 | Map it out

Create albums on your phone of your favorite photos. By the end of the vacation you will have made your selection. What can help you manage your photos efficiently is to create a folder "still editing" and a folder "edited". You can simply edit on your phone, for example using these apps.

Another tip is to create folders for a specific photo project. For example separate folders for a photo book or Instawall

Map it out foto

Tip 4 | Use your phone for initial editing

Want to give some photos an upgrade? Then use the tools already on your iPhone or smartphone for the first edit. Settings such as contrast, exposure, straightening and saturation can be found in the camera roll. The advantage of this is that you will not have the photo in your phone twice (edited and unedited).

Foto maken met mobiel

Tip 5 | Fan your favorite

Have you collected all your favorites? There are bound to be great photos you want to show off to your friends or post on social media right away. But also go offline sometime and keep your favorite for yourself. Print it enlarge for your wall at home and create your own work of art.