7 tips voor het maken van de ultieme vakantiefoto's

7 tips for taking the ultimate vacation photos

Summer worshipers beware: the vacations have begun! No matter where you spend your vacation, there are always beautiful summer moments to capture. From relaxed sunbathers and active campers to vacationers at home, everyone wants great vacation photos! So do you think your vacation photos could use a boost? Then here are 7 tips for you to take your photography skills to the next level!

1. Camera selection stress

People often think that the more expensive the camera, the better the pictures. Think again, because it really doesn't have to be that way! In fact, the best camera is the one you have with you at the time. With a phone, for example, you can take snapshots quickly and unobtrusively, while with an SLR you can take extensive reportage. It is more important how you take the picture than with what. So shoot with it!

Camera stress

2. Do your homework

Travelers can be divided into two groups: either you are a member of the I-go-blanco-on-path-and-let-me-surprise-you group or you are a member of the I-leave-nothing-to-happen-about group. For the latter group, Instagram and Pinterest are handy, of course. Search for hashtags or search terms of your destination and get inspired by images or beautiful places you would otherwise miss. Especially useful if you have little time to explore the area yourself.

Doe je huiswerk foto

3. Look at it through different (sun)glasses

Among other things, composition determines whether your photo is nice to look at. To draw the viewer to the right place in your picture you can use the 'rule of thirds'. Here you divide the image into 9 blocks, see the photo below. As soon as you place your subject on one of the intersections in the grid, attention is drawn there. A horizon is nice to place on one of the 1/3 lines, this way the photo is nicely balanced.

Andere zonnebril foto

4. Don't lay down

When you're on vacation, it's great to take a horizontal position. However, this does not always apply to your photos. In fact, vertical photos can be really beautiful too! As for portraits, tall buildings and narrow streets. Teach yourself to shoot vertical photos regularly.

Foto's staand

5. Sunshine on my mind

We all live under the same sun, so a tip for tout le monde: Make smart use of the sunlight. Around noon, the sun is at its highest. Not only is it very hot to be in full sun at this time of day, it also gives you harsh shadows on your face and causes you to squint your eyes. It is better to take pictures in the morning or afternoon, as the sun is lower then. If nothing else, find a shady spot.

6. Appreciate the small things

We often have a tendency to photograph great moments and special locations and ignore everyday things. After all, what you see/do often becomes normal and what is normal we often don't find interesting to capture. A shame! It's also often in the little things. So take a photo of the colorful flower bush you walk past every day, of the fun you have while zipping up your suitcase or your favorite summer drink you've been drinking for weeks. That's how you give your photos a personal touch!

7. Where are your selfie?

When you get to beautiful places, it's very tempting to get all caught up in photographing all that beauty. Click, click, click, everyone is in the picture and on you go again. Upon returning home you check your shot images and come to the conclusion: 'I'm nowhere to be seen!' Avoid disappointment and also ask your child, friend or passerby to capture you, Instagram husbands has become a term for a reason. So enjoy!

Waar ben je selfie

Enjoy your vacation and happy shooting!