Kleurrijke boho binnenkomer

Colorful boho entry

Look inside the cottage of Nadine (30) from Enschede. She has been blogging under the name @xcuseme.nl with 16.1k followers on Instagram and is - like her father - a freelance photographer! Daily she posts fun content, is pregnant with a little one and already proudly shows off the baby's room on her Instagram account. Besides her own interior she also takes photos for houses, hotels and Bed & Breakfast locations, gives workshops and interior advice. A hard working mommy to be so!

xcuseme.nl Nadine


Together with her boyfriend and her cat Tinder (the lovers met on Tinder), she lives in the cozy city of Enschede. The passion for furnishing started at an early age. Right when Nadine moved on her own and was allowed to decorate her apartment herself, her hands started itching. Nadine: ,,By now it has gotten very out of hand. Our interior gets a restyling twice a year on average, a sofa often doesn't stand for more than a year and I'm constantly looking for new colorful inspiration.''

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Colorful boho

What immediately stands out in Nadine's home are the bold colors that come together with calm tones. It brings out tremendous warmth. The more colorful, the better. Moreover, she changes the hues in her home almost every season.

Because there have been a lot of quiet white spaces in the last two years, Nadine opts for more color. ''By the way, I like quiet white spaces, but it doesn't fit my personality.'' Colors bring her cheerfulness, coziness and love. So this is completely reflected in her interior and the atmosphere of their home.

Pretty yellow is not ugly!

Scrolling for hours on Pinterest or Instagram is what Nadine does. She gets her inspiration from Pinterest, Instagram, her followers and her own creative crazy thoughts.

Since she and her boyfriend are expecting a little miracle, she has been getting a lot of inspiration for the colorful baby room lately. Again, a bold, bright hue was used: yellow! This is combined with a quiet, basic pastel color. The nursery is Nadine's new favorite spot: "Before, it was always the living room, but now that the nursery is ready, I walk around there several times a day and enjoy all the baby cosiness!

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Personal touch

Nadine still has quite few photos in the house, so it was time for a personal touch. After all, her boyfriend finds it very important that there is a bit more personality in the house. So that, as he always says to her so nicely, it doesn't give a 'showroom feeling'. This is why Nadine and her boyfriend opted for an Instawall Plexiglas Panorama L chose.

Decorating the hall had been on Nadine's wish list for a very long time, but now was finally the time to do something about it. Nadine chose one color theme, this to avoid turmoil. Since Nadine is pregnant, they opted for a maternity photo shoot (photographed by her father). She edited the photos that came out of this and placed them in the Instawall design.

xcuseme.nl Instawall

The end result still has beautiful colors, but the Instawall all stayed in one particular mood. Especially beautiful! In addition, the colors match Nadine's cozy interior perfectly. When entering the house the Instawall is immediately visible and this immediately creates warmth at the entrance. Nadine: ,,The personal touch that our home really needed!''

Love, team Instawall