En route met Kiki #3 – Je vakantiefoto’s van het web naar de wand

En route with Kiki #3 - Your vacation photos from the web to the wall

The vacation memories have been made, the photos have been edited and the images are neatly organized into folders. Now one more step awaits: your snapshots from the web to the wall! Stop letting your images get trapped on your phone, tablet or computer and give them a nice spot on your wall or in a book! Travel blogger and photographer Kiki van Dongen of Backpack Routes shares her tips for liberating your photos so you can enjoy your best photo moments endlessly :)

Iene miene mutte...

We can well imagine that it can be quite overwhelming when you start picking your favorite photos to be printed. There are also so many great pictures to choose from! The trick is kill your darlings. First, decide if you want to put your photos on an Instawall, photo book or photo print print. Then choose a size, which is how you know how many photos you will need. Next, mark only the photos you really think are worth printing as favorites. You keep deleting until you get to the number you need.

Kiki had her own trick with picking her photos for her Instawall: ,,When choosing the photos, I immediately thought about the combination, or the end result of the Instawall. I prefer to choose portraits, phenomenal views and close-ups of details. What matters is that the combination gives me a personal sense of the amazing trip I took. In my case, cultural photos, such as portraits of the people I met or landscape photos I took on an excursion, really can't miss.''

Mix and match

The photos have been selected, what's next? Kiki: ,,While making the Instawall I started with the most present photos, because they set the tone in terms of color and style for the rest of the Instawall. It helps that I often use the same filter, so most of the photos already match. If this is not the case with you, feel free to throw a filter over it to create more unity.''

In addition, it is useful to keep in mind where you are going to hang your Instawall. Should it stand out in your interior or should it blend unobtrusively with the rest of your room? For Kiki it was important that her pictures radiate tranquility. Due to the amount of small pictures the Instawall is very present, a real eye-catcher. So I chose quiet, colorful photos. But I can well imagine that if you make an Instawall for your son's new safari room, it can be nice and botanical and busy.''

Moreover, you can choose different layouts, such as various types of templates and the customizable grid (the lines between the photos). Kiki chose a normal, white grid. ''Simply because this combined nicely with the photos. I also really liked the variation in size of the squares!

Choose your room

So many people, so many wishes. This is clear from our lookbook. At Instawall there is something for everyone. Do you have a large wall in your room? Then the Instawall Wide or Square 100x100 is very suitable. Do you have a narrow piece of wall? Then go for an Instawall Tall. Moreover, this Instawall is very suitable for the end of your dining table. But also for photo shelves and sideboards the Instawall 60x60 and 80x80 are a great solution!

Kiki made the Instawall Aluminium Wide for her living room. ,, My Instawall puts a big smile on my face! This Instawall of 120 by 60 cm is really perfect for above the couch. I also love that the aluminum version has a matte effect. The quality was above expectations and I am so happy with it that I am only too happy to give it as a gift to friends and family!''

Instawall Kiki in de woonkamer | Ophangsysteem InstawallFinal Verdict

That's it! We are after 'En route with Kiki #1' and 'En route with Kiki #2' have come to the end of our journey with Kiki. We are very curious to see what you did with our tips and of course your results.

Happy memories!

Love, Kiki and team Instawall