Binnenkijken tussen de planten en pasteltinten in Brugge

Looking inside among plants and pastel shades in Bruges

Yep, you see it right! There's a new kid in town! From now on we will take a look at several inspiring interiors from time to time. From boho chic to industrial and from romantic to Scandinavian, they all have one thing in common: they are all proud owners of an Instawall! We kick off the first inside view in Bruges, at Jolien of @brugshuisje.

As a little girl, she was already busy with the brush in her bedroom and changing the layout, but since her discovery of interior design accounts on Instagram, she is unstoppable: Jolien Keereman (26) styles it up in her cozy rental apartment. Under the name @brugshuisje she shares daily fresh pictures of her sweet interior.


It was quite a search to find her ideal rental home, because a) it had to be a home she could decorate to her taste, b) be photogenic and c) have a wooden floor. Jolien: ,,It took some searching, but she won! Last January it was finally happening. Finally I could furnish my own place the way I wanted to.''

Keuken brugshuisje

The first thing you notice in Jolien's house are the soft colors. My interior contains Scandinavian tones, but especially a lot of color. This makes it seem playful. Pastel pink and mint are the main shades within my interior. My first bedroom color was also pink. Then I wrote the color off for a few years, but now I'm a big fan again!''

Woonkamer met planten

In addition, green is also definitely not to be missed in her home. ,,Through inspiration on Instagram I got a new hobby: plants! I really enjoyed seeing all the beautiful houseplants in different interiors, so I bought more and more. I have a Monstera, Dotted Begonia and Calathea shining in my home. I really couldn't live without them anymore!''

Love of light

The living/dining room is Jolien's favorite place in the house. ''Because of the high walls with tall windows on both the front and back, there is a lot of light in this room. This makes the pastel and wood tones stand out beautifully and my plants survive without too many problems ;)'' Moreover, she never gets tired of this space. ''I love the wooden floor and I keep redecorating in this room. Stuff gets moved around all the time, so you can say I can keep myself busy here. I also love being in this space, even tidying and cleaning I do here with pleasure, haha ;)

Foto Instawall boven de eettafel

Brushes & kittens

If you think Jolien got her furniture all so straight from the store, you'd be wrong. ,,I try to DIY from time to time. For example, I got several second-hand chairs on the cheap and gave them a cheerful color. The painted locker cabinet also fits in well with my decor.''

Interieur brugshuisjes met kittens

In addition to the pastel shades, her cats also add a personal touch to Jolien's interior. ''With their continuous presence, they just belong there. That's why you see them regularly on my Instagram account and I have a few pictures of them hanging in my home.''

Picture purrrfect

Her furry friends were one of the starting points for the creation of her Instawall. ,,First I figured out what kind of pictures I wanted in it. This was not difficult: cats, travel photos, interior design, quotes and plants. Then I gave some photos a pink glow. Because of this unity of color all the photos together form a whole and fit perfectly into my interior. Finally, I spent some time finding the right arrangement in the grid, et voilà!''

Kleurrijke foto Instawall brugshuisje

,,I am very satisfied with the result! The Instawall aluminium M fits perfectly within my interior. The colors are perfect! Therefore the Instawall can be placed anywhere in the house and regularly gets a different spot in the house.''

Love, team Instawall