Zó maak je de mooiste foto's tijdens Golden Hour

Here's how to take the best photos during Golden Hour

Lighting is one of the most important parts of a good photograph. Therefore, many photographers always first carefully consider at what time of day they will schedule a photo shoot. Golden Hour is the time for the perfect photo.

Golden hour voorbeeld

What is Golden Hour?

During Golden Hour, the sun is low in the sky. The sunlight travels longer through the atmosphere, reducing the intensity of the light and filtering out a lot of blue light. The result: a warm, red-orange glow, hence the name Golden Hour. A lower angle of the sun creates long shadows and pleasant contrast, creating more depth and dimension in your photo.

When is Golden Hour?

The time and duration of Golden Hour depend on the season, your location and local weather. If there are clouds, there may be no Golden Hour at all. You can use an app see exactly when this magic hour occurs, but the easiest way is to keep an eye on sunrise and sunset. The rule of thumb is that Golden Hour is one hour after sunrise and one hour before sunset.

Voorbeeld golden hour

For what photos?

The natural effect created during Golden Hour does well for many photos: landscape, portrait, street photography and even outdoor sports photography. Choosing the right time in the day to take the photo is crucial. Golden Hour is also the best time of day for long exposure photos. Want to know how to take such a photo? We explain it in our blog!

Light during Golden Hour

You can use the light fall of the sun in different ways while taking the photos.

Front Lighting

As the name suggests, the light shines on the model or object from the front. A warm and flattering light will fall on it. Front lighting also works well for landscape or city photography: just stand with your back to the sun.

Foto's maken golden hour


Backlighting is the opposite; you stand with the camera facing the sun. The model or object stands in front of the sun and is surrounded by a warm glow. Pay close attention to your camera's exposure while taking the picture so that the model does not become too dark.

Golden hour fotografie

Edge Lighting

This is similar to backlighting, only now you are using portrait mode on your phone. This will blur the background and create a border around the model or object that is gently lit by the sun.

Foto golden hour persoon


To create a silhouette, you have to face the sun with your camera, just like backlighting and edge lighting. Only now the model or object in the photo is meant to be dark, so focus your camera on the lightest point (the sun) so that the rest of the surroundings are literally overshadowed.

Silhouet golden hour

Fake it till you make it!

If you are not an early bird and prefer to enjoy a drink during sunset, then a filter is the solution. Use the Golden Hour filter from @treidenpolina or @iamellle on Instagram for an instant golden glow. Already took the photo? Then use the Instagram filter Abu Dhabi for a warm, orange glow over your photos.

From your phone to the wall

The warm and soft color of Golden Hour makes for beautiful photos that also look great in your home decor! The warm tones match well in a boho interior or provide some color in a white interior. The contrast of the photo is fantastic on an aluminum or Plexiglas photo print!