Test: Welk materiaal past in jouw interieur?

Test: Which material fits your interior?

Aluminum, acrylic glass, glass and poster: four beautiful Instawall materials, each with their own characteristics. Wondering which material suits you perfectly on the wall? Take the test and discover your match!

1. Which color palette do you like?


2. Which plant/flower should definitely not be missing in your interior?

Plant test

3. Which chair do you like to sit on?

Stoel test

4. In which environment do you prefer to have lunch?

Lunch test

5. When you buy something for your home, what do you think is important?

6. What home accessory could be in your home?

Woonaccessoires test


You like a cool and vintage look! Your industrial interior includes steel, leather and wooden elements. On the wall are shades of white, gray or black combined with an accent color such as denim blue or army green. A aluminum Instawall has a tough, matte look and therefore fits perfectly into your interior. Moreover, aluminum is strong and durable and is suitable for any type of photos!

Aluminium Instawall

Most B's: GLASS

Your home exudes luxury! You have a classic and elegant living style including luxury furniture and materials. You prefer to surround yourself with exclusive home products that (almost) no one else has. With a glass Instawall you choose a unique product which will be a true eye-catcher in your home. Colors come out extra intense and because diamond glass is strong, tempered glass, you have the best quality!

Glas Instawall

Most C's: POSTER

Your home has a calming atmosphere. You feel most comfortable within the Scandinavian and/or bohemian living styles: you like light colors, straight lines and natural materials such as rattan, linen and wood. A poster Instawall with a maple wood hanging system will look great with this! Your favorite photos are printed on silk paper with the best quality.

Poster Instawall


You don't like fuss, but rather sleek design. In addition, you are a daredevil when it comes to interior design. Bright colors, unusual designs, graphic prints: nothing is too crazy for you! The Plexiglas Instawall will therefore be a perfect choice. The material has a beautiful high-gloss finish with a depth effect, making color photos stand out beautifully on it. And did you know that Plexiglas is also often used in museums? So you really get your own work of art in your home!

Plexiglas Instawall

Disclaimer: This test will help you on your way if you have doubts between certain materials. Of course this does not mean that only that material is suitable for your interior. You can steer a large part of the content to your living style. Still have doubts? Then check out our lookbook for inspiration from our customers or just contact us.

Happy memories!

Love, team Instawall