De beste apps voor fotobewerking

The best apps for photo editing

Want beautiful & fast editing for your photos? Grab your phone and download these apps and you'll create the most beautiful pictures in no time!

The best 'app' is your own phone

If you haven't yet delved into the editing options on your own phone, this is the easiest step to start. On iPhone, you'll find the tools simply in your camera roll. Open the photo and tap "edit" at the top right - here you can get started with filters, saturation, contrast, cropping, etc. On Android, this looks similar, and you'll find all the options in the photo gallery under 'edit'. If you are not already familiar with these tools, you will be amazed at how fast and easy this is, and how much you can do with them!

Foto bewerken eigen telefoon

VSCO - oldskool filters, easy & fast

The VSCO app is easy to use and offers many editing options. There are several free filters, with an analog look. There are also additional filters available for a fee. Besides basic editing like contrast, saturation and sharpness, you can also adjust shadows and highlights, change perspectives and add colors in the shadows and highlights.

You can download the app for free download for both iOS and Android.

VSCO app

Snapseed - extensive options

Snapseed app

Snapseed consists of two parts: Tools and Filters. In the tool you can do basic edits such as adjust contrast and brightness, but also, for example, change perspective and apply a vintage effect. The advantage is that you can save your editing settings as your own filter, to make editing your photos more efficient. In addition, the options are more extensive than the above apps.

In the filter section you can add different effects to your photos, such as focus effect, a vintage look and a glamour effect.

This app can be downloaded for free here for iOS and Android.

Adobe Lightroom App - for the pro

Lightroom app

If you are already proficient with Photoshop or Lightoom on your computer, this is the ideal app for you. With this app you can easily edit and share photos as you are used to with the Adobe program. Yet it is also a fine app for when you don't use these programs and do want to take a step in your photo editing. Youtube is full of good tutorials and practice makes perfect!

The basic app is free to download on Android and iOS.

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