Welk materiaal past bij mijn vakantiefoto's?

What material suits my vacation photos?

Photos taken, edited and collected? Time to print! But which is the best material or product to choose for your photos? With the examples below, we will help you choose between the different materials on which you can print your Photo Enlargement or Instawall.

Clear photos on plexiglass

Plexiglass is a high-quality, plastic material. It gives your photos a cool, luxurious look. Plexiglas has a slight mirror effect and colors in particular come out beautifully.

Instawall Plexiglas 100x100 cm

Light, colored photos (think sun, sea, beach) come to life most beautifully on Plexiglas. Hang your Instawall or Photo print in a bright spot in your home for the most beautiful effect.

Instawall Plexiglas 60×60 cm

Instawall Plexiglas 60x60 cm

Instawall plexiglas

Instawall Plexiglas 140x70 cm

Dark photos? Print on aluminum

Have you taken photos that are a bit darker? Then go for aluminum. This material raises the contrast nicely and always ensures a beautiful print of your photos.

Donkere foto afdrukken

Aluminium photo print 60x80

Did you take photos on a city trip, vacation or photo shoot in the Netherlands that are not as bright? Then aluminum is the material for your photos. Aluminum gives your Instawall or photo print an industrial look. It provides a matte print and both colors and black and white come out beautifully on aluminum.

Aluminium Instawall 120×60

Aluminum Instawall 120x60

Aluminium Fotoprint 105x140cm

Aluminum Photo Print 105x140cm

Suffering from the urge to change? Go for a poster!

Do you have the urge to change and therefore want to hang new photos all the time? Then choose an Instawall poster in our handmade wooden hanging system. You can easily replace these and hang them on the wall in no time.

Instawall Poster 60x60cm

Instawall poster 60x60cm

An Instawall poster is a fine-art photo print, printed on beautiful 190-gram paper, with a silk-gloss finish. Our posters are also available as Instawall and as single photo enlargement.

Fotovergroting op poster

Poster 60x80cm

Instawall zwart wit

Instawall poster 60x120 cm

Instawall poster quote
Poster 120x60 cm

Passe-partout frame for your favorite photo(s).

Suitable for any type of photos. Perfect for in a gallery wall with other frames. The passe-partouts can be made with 1 to 9 photos.

Passe partout foto

Instawall passe-partout with one photo.

If you can't choose: All-time Favorite Aluminum

Above we explained that aluminum is the best choice for darker photos. But certainly not only dark photos come out beautifully on this material. Aluminum is the all-time favorite of our customers for a reason: this material never disappoints and is for example also used in museums to display photos.

Made a city trip? Make a quick photo project on this aluminum small:

Instawall City Trip
Instawall aluminum 40x40cm with quote in the middle.

Choose quotes to keep the collage exciting:

Instawall tall
Instawall aluminum 60x120cm

More a fan of a minimalist look? Aluminum gives a beautiful matte look to your photography:

Instawall aluminium

Panorama Instawall on Aluminum

Instawall Aluminium 140×70 cm

Instawall Aluminium 140x70 cm

Tell the whole story in a photo book

Would you like to add text to your photography or be able to flip through this summer again and again? Then go for a photo book.

Instawall fotoboek

Crazy about quotes? Opt for a panorama poster.

This way you have plenty of space for all your favorite quotes and you can create a beautiful, cheerful composition of your photos. The customer below made a poster like this one and replaced it again after a new vacation or season!

Poster Instawall 140×70 cm

Poster Instawall 140x70 cm

Capture the small moments

Made detail photos that deserve to be enlarged? Just this type of intimate photos make an impression when you print them printed large. Both aluminum as well as plexiglass are suitable materials for this purpose. Place them side by side against the wall or hang them up as a photo wall.

Fotoprints: aluminium 45×60 cm | 21×28 cm

Photo prints: aluminum 45x60 cm | 21x28 cm